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Leadership Coaching

For Individuals and Groups

Having been trained in helping others discover their own unique abilities and strengths, my leadership coaching helps to create productive leader-employee, staff-student and parent-child relationships.

The creative relationship-building skills I teach help leaders achieve peak positive influence, enhance productivity, increase retention, and reduce absenteeism.

Brian Patterson Leadership Coaching

Virtual and In-Person.

Team Building

For Corporate, Education, and Nonprofit Clients

Because motivation is intrinsic, leaders and teams can learn the benefits of truly understanding one another in order to build cohesiveness.

These tools are accessible, and everyone can be up-skilled!

Virtual and In-Person.

Team Building
Brian Patterson Leadership Coaching

Choice Theory Training

The universal system for empowering individuals and improving relationships.

Choice Theory® is based on the simple premise that every individual only has the power to control themselves and has limited power to control others. Applying Choice Theory allows one to take responsibility for one’s own life and at the same time, withdraw from attempting to direct other people’s decisions and lives. Individuals are empowered to take responsibility for their choices and support others in taking ownership of their choices. Negative behaviors reduce in frequency and intensity, relationships strengthen and satisfaction in life increases.

Leaders, teachers, and counselors will enhance their skills by participating in this engaging, illuminating three-day training, which is accredited through William Glasser International. I am a Senior Faculty Member of the Institute.

Virtual and In-Person.

choice theory training

Coaching Dynamics Training

  • Amazing class!! I always enjoy! Make it longer!

  • I will make sure that I check my behavior to ensure my staff knows I care about them.

  • Make it two days!

  • This class makes me think and evaluate myself on how I’m doing every day as a leader.

Critical Thinking Workshop

  • Instructor was knowledgeable.

  • We were given the opportunity to think outside the box.

  • Interesting and exciting! Kept everyone involved!

  • Brian does a good job of keeping and maintaining our interest.

Bridging the Communication Gap Training

  • Everything we learned can be applied to work and life in general.

  • Instructor made it personal and really believes in what he teaches.

  • Great techniques, examples, stories, etc.

  • Very easy to understand. Instructor made it to the point and clear.

De- Escalating Conflict Workshop

  • Brian is awesome! I will be more aware of my communication.

  • Instructor’s energy and the way he delivered the information were the best thing about the course.

  • I like the visual concepts and materials.

  • I liked being able to reflect and find what I can do better.

  • The instructor kept everyone engaged.

  • The best thing about the course was the instructor’s delivery.

  • It was interesting- not dull.

  • The best thing was the instructor!

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