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Connect & Lead:
Choice Theory Leadership at Work

Stories and Tools

for More Effective Leaders

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Connect and Lead book
connect and lead 5 stars
Brian Patterson Leadership Coaching

"Simple and easy to read, yet groundbreaking and eye-opening. Through simple illustrations of his work with students, Brian Patterson illuminates the techniques of “Choice Theory Leadership” that demonstrate the effectiveness of William Glasser’s theories applied to leadership at work.

Few people fully understand the genius of William Glasser’s work applied to leadership in business. Brian Patterson not only gets it but has done it and is masterful at communicating with others why it works and how to become the ultimate leader using the philosophy and techniques of Choice Theory.

The genius in the lessons and stories of this easy-to-read book are worth their weight in gold. If you are open to becoming a better leader and enhancing the lives of those you lead while also increasing their engagement at work, this book is for you.

As a Strategic Leadership Ph.D. Student, it was refreshing to read this practical book on leadership. A paradigm shift is needed in the way we lead. This book serves as a great introduction and inspiration for all of us to be better leaders by understanding what makes us tick as well as those around us. I believe this is a book that every leader should read!"

Marcus C. Hubbard

Glass Ceiling

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