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How Can I Go from Great Employee to Great Leader?

The skills that got you here won't get you there! Great employees show up on time and in a good mood cooperate, interject at opportune moments, fill in for their leader's weaknesses, and contribute to their leader's success. So, when there is an opening at leadership level, they get promoted. Yea!, we thought!

But now the expectations are totally different! We must not initiate progress and create energy from nothing almost. We carry others' burdens and solve interpersonal issues. No one gave us those skills. It is frustrating. Every leader has been there and there is help. Watch for some clues to how to build your own leadership brand right here.

Just one tip to start with. Let your leader know that you want to know what they know about leadership. Do it their way at first until you see how you can make it your own. This will appeal to their ego and give you some time to adjust to the new role. We can help, too! Watch for tips here

Brian Patterson

You've got this!

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