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Interview with an Effective Leader

Why is effective leadership so integral to career (and overall life) success? Be sure to share important “take-aways” from this week’s leader interview.

The significance of leadership in career and life success is pivotal. Few people become successful without at least one person who has reinforced their potential and taught them skills. That person is often a trusted advisor throughout the life of the protégé. The person I interviewed is one of those lifetime influences for me. Her name is Kim Olver.

Kim Olver is a workshop leader, counselor, a guide, an author and entrepreneur. As the Executive Director of the William Glasser Institute, she has a great responsibility with minimal pay. The Institute is about service, not profit. She also lectures, trains, and leads Glasser workshops as well as operating the Academy of Choice, a training business for life coaches.

When I first encountered Choice Theory and the concepts of Dr. William Glasser, I knew that I had happened upon something that would change my life and direction. I participated in all of the Intensives and trainings to become certified in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory. In my final stage of training, to lead practica for those intending to gain certification, I was privileged to be challenged and critiqued and taught by Kim Olver. I was very sure of my superior understanding of the process until I sat in a circle with five others and listened to Kim share her wisdom. I felt like I was a child! When she gently asked to ‘challenge my thinking’ after I responded to a question, I knew I was going to learn a great deal. I did.

Kim exemplifies the leader who is effective because of her good character. She equips people with the tools necessary to seize control of their future. (  She often points to the leadership she received from Dr. William Glasser and passes that mantle on to others. She also exemplifies the five practices of exemplary leadership: model the way, inspire shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart. (Kouzes & Posner, 2008).


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